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John Alan Benefield

John Alan Benefield


The City of Auburn and Auburn Fire Department believes one of the best ways to eliminate the loss of life or property is through educating the public about fire prevention and safety. For this reason, fire safety education is a primary goal within our City.

The Auburn Fire Department offers a wide variety of public education opportunities. Auburn firefighters are available to deliver several different fire safety presentations designed for various individual groups.

We speak to both the residential and business communities. Our message to the community is extended primarily through schools, public events, and upon request. On request, a presentation can be scheduled for a preschool, child care facility, school, community group, senior citizen group, business, etc.

Seasonal Fire Safety Information

Fire Truck Display

Fire trucks and firefighters may be requested to come to you for events to answer questions about fire prevention and general questions about the fire trucks and being a firefighter. Firefighters will give a brief overview of the fire truck, firefighter equipment, firefighting protective clothing, and fire safety. Please keep in mind that emergencies take priority, and in the event of a fire call, the fire trucks may leave the event and respond to the emergency.

Fire Safety House

The Fire Safety House is a mobile learning vehicle. Upon request for large public events, the Auburn Fire Department will deliver hands-on training and education to children and their parents in the safe, controlled and realistic environment provided by the Fire Safety House. One of the most important uses of the Fire Safety House is the ability to simulate smoke conditions in a home setting through the use of non-toxic theatrical smoke. The emphasis on this simulation is awareness of the environment around you and how to escape your house during a fire. The Fire Safety House is a resource provided by Lee County, so the Auburn Fire Department's ability to provide the Fire Safety House will depend on its availability.

Other Public Education Presentations

The Auburn Fire Department will gladly have firefighters speak to your group on a wide range of topics regarding fire prevention, household safety, the day to day activities of the fire department, and any other related topics regarding fire safety. These topics include, but are not limited to: smoke detector use and care, fire extinguisher education, business pre-fire planning, stop drop and roll, knowing your local emergency numbers (911), fire drills, etc.

How to Schedule an Event

For more information or to schedule an event, please contact Public Safety Services at (334) 501-3110. Please provide at least a two-week advance notice of the event due to a high demand for these services.